Posted on October 22 2018


Does your yoga studio have a rockin’ front desk staff? Or are you relying on instructors or “yoga for trade” folks to handle your clients’ needs? I’m here to tell you that your business will skyrocket if you commit to a highly trained, customer service-driven team at your front desk. Many clients have initially said, “I can’t afford to pay desk staff.” My reply is always, you can’t afford NOT to! Having a group of people that you can trust to educate your clients on what pricing option is right for them is the most important part of your business, outside the studio room. If you want to increase revenue at your yoga or fitness studio, commit to hiring and training desk staff!

Lets look at 5 reasons why…

1. A potential client will always look for the lowest commitment, cheapest option when entering a yoga studio. No one wants to be locked into a contract and many people simply don’t want to spend the time to understand what being a member means. Unfortunately for you, low commitment means unpredictable revenue. You will never have a grasp on what your monthly income looks like if you have the bulk of your clients on class cards or buying drop-ins.

2. Teachers are NOT salespeople, and have no reason to spend time selling your studio to clients. Often times, teachers are working at many different studios, so there is no allegiance to your particular brand. They are busy trying to get into the classroom, and want to spend as little time as possible checking in with the clients. Almost every time I go to a studio with an instructor running check in, I am asked, “Would you like to buy a drop-in today?” as I am looking over my purchase options. This is the LAST thing you want a client hearing. It is the easiest way for them to take the class, but offers the studio no commitment and doesn’t give the client reason to come back.

3. Your competition has staff and is selling their product! Yoga is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States. Inc.com recently named it one of the 8 best businesses to go into in 2015. More business people are investing in yoga and investing in sales staff. In order to compete and keep your doors open, your studio will have to do something to step up the sales game.

4. Your clients WANT to be educated. The options out there are endless and clients really want to understand how to get the most for their money. Oftentimes, studios have 5-10 different packages or membership options and clients will rarely take the time to understand them all. A knowledgeable desk staff will be able to efficiently explain the best option for each client, creating a customized plan for them at your studio.

5. You can create incentives for your staff to sell the products you want. It is easy to create a compensation plan that will ensure that your staff is prioritizing your most important product. No, memberships are not for everyone, but they are for a larger portion of your client population than you think. Many just simply aren’t aware of the benefits, and the financial incentives because no one has taken the time to tell them! I have had clients DOUBLE the number of new monthly memberships sold by creating an intelligent incentive program.

Ultimately, the yoga business is changing. So, as many of us teach in our classes, we have to roll with the waves and be flexible in the new environment. If adding staff (or training your staff in sales and customer service) is something you are moving to the top of your priority list, schedule your free 30 minute consultation now! Or, book your studio sales training with Laura.


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