Posted on October 17 2018


We all know that web presence is imperative for your business, but do you know what’s actually happening when prospects and clients visit your page? You have less than a second to make an impression and get a prospect to take action once they land there. Are you making the most of it? And does your website actually drive revenue? Or does it just look pretty? I have seen the results of a well done and action driving website, and am here to tell you, it matters. It’s competitive out there, so use your site to really increase traffic and revenue. After years coaching fitness and wellness businesses I’ve learned a few tricks that will absolutely make a difference for your business. Here are 5 ways to improve your studio’s website.

1. Declutter: I’m serious. You can probably get rid of half of the tabs and info you have on there. Let’s face it, the world is pretty ADD these days and people aren’t going to read it all. Do you really spend more than a minute or (gasp) two minutes on a website? There’s a reason. You get what you need and you move on with life. Your prospects do the same. They want to know how much, a quick description (that CLEARLY describes why you’re different and worth their time), when classes are, and how to sign up. That’s it. The rest is just fluff. Fluff is fine if you want to spend the time on it for long term members, but don’t let it distract from what your website is really trying to do… bring you new clients.

2. Add obvious CTA’s: Calls to Action matter. I cant stress this enough. So many clients have a “buy now”, or “sign up here” button but they are small, 2 pages deep, and hard to find. If it’s not big, on the main page, and filled with images or surrounded by them, it won’t work.

3. Use Healcode (recently acquired by MINDBODY and called Branded Web): This widget keeps prospects on your site. It simplifies the booking process, makes it super easy to make a purchase, and maintains a consistent look and feel with your site. Sticking with your brand and your feel is huge as you are trying to win someone over. Oh and be sure to activate the cart tool… it’s pretty important.

4. Start your sales funnel from your site: Your website and CTA have to be the first steps of your sales funnel. Each time a new client clicks your CTA they are entering into a sales process that leads them to long term membership. Do you have a next step? Is it an intro offer period where the client will be contacted and informed about membership? Or is it a discounted package with auto emails attached to milestones in the lifecycle of the pass? Whatever you choose, you have to stick with these people. This is the biggest revenue driver there is. It just takes accountability.

5. Do user research: It’s fascinating to observe a newcomer to your site. Have you ever tried? Just ask a few friends friends or a family members that fit your target demographic to go to your site for the first time. Sit behind them (or screen share if you are virtual) and just watch. Then have them talk through what they are doing and why. What are they drawn to? What do they NOT see or click that you wanted them to? I promise, you’ll be surprised. And then you’ll make changes.

If you are interested in chatting more about your website and how it can be upgraded to make you more money, it’s one of my favorite topics. You can reach out to schedule your free consult with me. Let’s give your site (and your business)a facelift!


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