Posted on October 22 2018


Yoga studios have had the capability to use online registration for years, but I rarely see studios require or even promote online signs ups. There are plenty of excuses not to (I know…I had lots of them!), and many have tried online sign ups claiming later that it didn’t work. Unfortunately without commitment to the process, it likely wont be a rocking success story. I recently attended a conference where many successful studios around the country let us in on their secrets. There were quite a few common threads, but one I wasn’t expecting was online enrollments. Online pre-registration seemed to be a hot topic through many of the speeches and conversations. After hearing and now witnessing the impact, I am sold. Below are a handful of reasons why making online signups a regular part of your studio operations will not only boost your business and grow revenue, but will inspire client retention.

  1. You will be prepared to sell! If you look at the class roster prior to the students arriving, you will have the chance to review the clients with your staff. You can role play conversations and sales strategies with each category of client, assign front desk staff to clients, and highlight students with special needs to the instructor. Your staff will have time to see who is running low on classes (and might be a great candidate for membership!), who is new to the studio and may need some extra support, and just get excited to see the regulars in the community.
  2. Clients feel committed to attend. Once someone signs up early for a class, the likelihood of them not showing up decreases dramatically. Your clients will see you on their calendars and think about your studio when they aren’t physically there…the goal of most marketing campaigns! As classes get busier, you may choose to charge for no shows as well. This way, you don’t lose out on revenue if clients do not show up. It will further incentivize them to stick to their calendars and show up for class.
  3. Lock them in for next time! As clients exit class, it is a great opportunity to check in to see how the class was, then let them know when the next class is by the same teacher or of a similar style. Let them know that you can sign them in right then and there to make their lives easier. Take the guessing and scheduling conflicts out of the equation and help them make a decision to return. As soon as they leave your studio, they stop thinking about you, and you have little to no guarantee that they will return. By signing them up for the next class, you give yourself the opportunity to be on their minds and in their calendars after walking out the door.
  4. You can see which classes you need to promote. As you look at your week, you will be able to see which classes are light and which ones are already busy. You can invite staff and instructor to remind clients about the lightly attended classes and give the classes a little “plug” through the day.

The icing on the cake is that MBO now has a check in app that can make this even easier to implement as well! If you are interested in more info, or would like to hear about some success stories in more detail, click here to connect with me and get started!


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