Posted on October 17 2018


Who comes to mind when you think of a leader? Honest, virtual raise of hands here…did any of you think of yourself? In order to have a successful studio you have to not only act like, but believe you are a leader. I often speak with studio owners that wonder why their staff won’t “just do what I ask.” Or why they don’t have a community feel at their studio. My response is this: “why you have wanted to work for someone in the past?” And  “what draws you to a community?” Ultimately the response I get is a perfect description of a leader. Here are 4 ways to be an irresistible leader in your studio.

1. Live your passion- don’t just preach it!

Do you take (not just teach) classes at your studio? In order to genuinely convey your studio’s message to both your staff and your clients, it’s important that you are participating in what your studio offers. How can you successfully sell the studio if you aren’t experiencing it yourself?  The connection that happens with your clients when you can both discuss the results you’ve each had is an incredibly deep bond.

Be sure to genuinely live the life that you are asking your clients to live. Hire people that are wildly passionate about what you do too. Its contagious. Our world is full of vanilla mediocrity, and technology that drains passion and offers a subpar excuse for vitality. Pile on the sprinkles…let your clients feel alive and vibrant when they walk in. It can come in the form of high energy enthusiasm or zenful vibes. Just decide to be all in!

2.Walk the talk

Are you constantly asking your staff to keep the studio clean, remember to upsell a membership to clients, or be on time? Lead by example. Let them see you do all of those things and they will feel compelled to follow. You don’t have to do their job for them, but let them see how it’s done best! Be involved in training new staff and have them shadow you. You should be the ultimate role model! 

3.Care about your people.

Does your staff feel that you truly care about them? Do you know their goals, passions and wildest dreams? It’s tough to spend the time on your staff when there is so much to do, but it pays off. Your retention will be better. Your community will build stronger relationships with your staff the longer they stay. Your business will thrive.

My favorite way to show staff appreciation is to have each of them take the love languages test. Love languages can apply at work too! (if you’ve never taken this test, you should…). Once you understand your employees psychology around love and appreciation, incorporate their love language into your interactions with them. Be sure they know you are grateful to have them around!

4.Act with integrity.

It sounds like a no brainer, but it’s tough sometimes. Doing the right thing as a leader means doing the right thing for the community as  whole. Not just the financial success of the business. Of course your business has to keep its doors open, but your community has to trust that their leader has their best interest at heart. Be honest. Even if that means giving someone negative feedback, or asking that guy who think’s natural deodorant works like a charm to buy some Degree before Hot Yoga… People respect honesty. Pay your bills on time. Pay your instructors fairly. Refund a client that hasn’t had an exceptional experience. Just keep integrity at the center or your business.
You took a giant leap of faith to start your business. That alone is admirable and attractive to staff and clients. Take the next steps and claim your place as leader! To start the process connect with me and let’s create a believer out of you. 


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