Posted on January 11 2019


I walked into a yoga studio today, one that I’ve actually been to before, and I was delighted to see a smiling face at the front desk when I arrived. It always makes me happy to see the signs of a business that takes the client experience seriously. Well, spoiler alert, she was a waste of their money. The lovely face simply said “hi,” asked my name, then said “just a drop in today?” Ugh what a let down. She immediately gave me an easy, non-committal way out, and guess what? I will probably not be back there soon because nothing is prompting me to. I was totally game for whatever special they had going on, or for a class pack, but I honestly didn’t want to spend the time asking all the questions to find out what was best for me. All she had to do was ask me what I was looking for, what classes I was interested in, or if I’d heard about the class pack options. I would have likely spent over $100 and been back soon. But instead I spent $20 and happily went on my way. I was hoping (just because this is what I do) for a quick check in after class to see how it went and if I wanted to apply my drop in money to a class pack or membership option, but again...nothing.

I bring this example up, because it’s honestly the norm. It happens more than ½ of the time when I walk into a boutique yoga/fitness studio. And the tragedy is that you are letting your clients down. Someone walking in is interested in your business. They want to spend money with you. They want you to help them achieve a goal. And you fell short. You’ve put the ball in their court and forced them to stay accountable and motivated on their own.

When we work with studios, this is one of the first things we talk about. Why? Because it can drive the best results. We have seen retention rates (return after a first visit) go from 30% to 70% and conversion rates from 5% to 45% within months of hiring and training a desk staff to sell. For context, that meant an extra $9K per month for a recent client. We’ve seen membership numbers climb from 50 to 200 in a matter of months for another client. That meant $4750 in recurring revenue jumped to $19K in recurring revenue. Talk about a game changer for the business. What would you do with an extra $10-20K per month?

When you commit to a sales process, both in the studio and outside the studio (via email/text/call) you are going to see revenue growth. Period. And we just can’t keep the formula a secret anymore. It’s killing us to see buyers let down. It’s killing us to see studios go out of business. So we designed our Front Desk Training to give you the tools you need to train and hold every staff member accountable to goals and expectations from day 1.

Our Front Desk Staff Training covers all of the types of buyers your staff will encounter. It covers the must ask questions. It covers the common objections to committing to membership. It covers authentic selling, and teaches us all the most important skills needed for relationship building. It will change your studio. Take a peek at a sample of what it offers and then dive in. Commit to your staff, your customers and most of all your business. Your studio is making a difference in your community and we want to see it thrive!


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