Posted on October 22 2018


Although my clients are thrilled with the revenue growth, goal setting and process execution we accomplish working together, most studio owners mention something else first when I ask for feedback. Without fail, our wrap ups and their testimonials mention gratitude for simply having someone to talk to who “gets it.” It is just plain necessary to have a peer, mentor or group to talk to about the every day struggles, the wins and the questions that arise for wellness business owners… Even better if that person is or has lived through the same thing. And believe me, it will give you a competitive edge.  

When I left my high pressure corporate sales job to run a large yoga studio, I was floored that I actually felt more stress in my new position. The day to day challenges with operations, clients, staff and software made me feel isolated and oftentimes helpless. I craved connection and conversation with people that were experiencing the same things. I knew from experience that brainstorming, best practice sharing, and having someone to set (and reach) goals with could take our businesses to another level. At the time, opportunities to network with other studio owners simply didn’t exist. After starting my own consulting practice where I work with studio owners daily, I saw that I wasn’t the only one who was searching for that connection. Fast forward a year and I love that I can tell my clients that a forum finally exists.

Two other industry experts and I started an online  user group for wellness business owners using MINDBODY called MINDBODY One. We launched with a webinar in January 2016 and 7 weeks later hosted our first event in San Francisco. It was a crazy success. Watching over 100 business owners and managers connect, collaborate, learn and genuinely come away with tools to help them thrive was beyond inspiring. Our forum has since exploded with activity. We have thousands of MINDBODY clients who rely on the group for everything from friendship to business strategy. All kinds of problems are being solved, business tips being shared and virtual deep breaths taken every day.

Whether you decide to hire an expert (I love this stuff…just sayin’) or join a mastermind, find a peer to talk to, or join a group like MINDBODY One to connect with others in your position, FIND SOMEONE! My friend and I like to call this an Accountabilibuddy. Set goals together, unload about your tough day, celebrate wins over a glass of wine, and most of all remind each other that self care is the best thing you can do. Your business can’t run without a healthy you. If you’d like to hear more about MINDBODY One, or about how we can support you and your business, schedule your free consult with us! 


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