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      BEST FOR: 

      The studio ready to commit to a roadmap for massive revenue growth.  We will deep dive into the business and make big changes to understand your client, create consistent revenue streams and streamline operations: $599/MO for Four Months


      1. Initial Business Review:  MBO reports and financial document analysis, sales & attendance trends, conversion ratios, retention stats, and benchmarks for measuring growth - $500 value
      2. 6 one-on-one consulting sessions over 4 months - $1200 value 
      3. Front Desk Staff Training Video, Guide and Workbook - $499 value
      4. Customized Trello Board for project management
      5. Leadership and Management Training Video -$199 value
      6. Customized sales scripts, email/text campaign copy, and studio operations templates - $500 value
      7. Email correspondence as needed
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